Alpha 01 by Buben & Zorweg
Alpha 01 Clocks
Alpha 01 by Buben & Zorweg

Alpha 01 by Buben & Zorweg

Buben & Zorweg
Wood, Leather, Steel

The Grand Infinity with its fascinating Alpha Pendulum Clock that defines the character of this luxurious long case clock marks a milestone in the history of Buben & Zorweg. Alpha 01 being the manufacture movement, designed, engineered and assembled in the Buben & Zorweg clock atelier, is the big pride of the the brand. 

It is an incomparable joy to serenely watch time pass by in the interplay between the precision mechanical movement visible in every detail strikingly enhanced by an integrated LED system. Future owners can order their GRANDE INFINITY with an optional World Time Tourbillon or Orbit Tourbillon. 

The pendulum movement is flanked by two TIME MOVER® sets seemingly playing a game of hide and seek as the pendulum swings past. The plinth consists of a solid VdS I certified Safeclad in refined leather it is ideal for jewelry and other valuable items. 

The power of innovation, stylish design and masterfully crafted exquisite materials characterize the appearance of the Grande Infinity as a solitary eye-catcher in any luxurious interior.

Key Facts


  • Hand-crafted housing in black high-gloss finish.
  • BUBEN & ZORWEG Alpha 01 Pendulum Clock.
  • Clock backwall with precious high-gloss wood inlay.
  • Magic “Swing & Hide” mechanism with 20 TIME MOVER®.
  • Remote control for lighting and the magic “Swing & Hide” mechanism.
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Finest German craftsmanship.


  • BUBEN&ZORWEG Safe SI-70.
  • Safety class VdS I (German Security Certification).
  • Redundant locking system with 7-digit keypad and emergency key.
  • 4 TIME MOVER®.
  • Storage space in the safe.
  • Safe door in finest Italian nappa leather, black.
  • Safe interior in finest velour, black. 
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology with fading function.

Timepiece Options

Alpha 01
Manufacture movement Calibre “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”.

World Time Tourbillion 

Flying minute tourbillon with incorporated Buben & Zorweg initials.

Orbit Tourbillion

Rotating flying minute tourbillon on the minute hand.


  • High Gloss Piano Stardust.
  • Macassar or Popular Burlwood.
  • High Gloss Macassar.
  • Maccassar.
  • High-Gloss Hommage Walnut.

For Each Version: 

  • Limted Edition With Alpha 01 75 Pcs.
  • Limted Edition With World Time Tourbillion 25 Pcs.
  • Limted Edition With Orbit Tourbillion 25 Pcs.

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