Aquasoul Offset by Jacuzzi
Aquasoul Offset Bathtubs
Aquasoul Offset by Jacuzzi
Aquasoul Offset by Jacuzzi

Aquasoul Offset by Jacuzzi

LED Colorful Light, Bubble Nozzles

Aquasoul is the new Jacuzzi concept that changes your way of experiencing the bathroom. A minimalist, refined and luminous design, a perfectly balanced blend of past and modern to welcome the body and regenerate the mind. An original technology that releases all the sensations and beneficial effects of water with extreme simplicity. New fittings and settings to suit any space and satisfy any desire.

  • TargetPro. The many directions to which this jet can be adjusted produce a fully customisable hydromassage which, as well as flow, intensity and power, can be set to suit your needs.
  • Twirl. The jets used for the back massage have a rotating action that gently massages the back, easing muscular tension.
  • Aquasystem® Reborn. A blend of gentle and toning properties. The water pampers you in a beneficial embrace.
  • Aquasystem Recharge. This sequential hydromassage gradually increases in intensity to recharge and tone your body, dissolving contractures and stiffness
  • Aquasystem Relax. This hydromassage promotes deep psychological and physical well-being because it is delivered at a slow, harmonious pace that matches the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Aquasystem Silence. Dissolves muscular tension and strain in blissful silence, favouring complete relaxation
  • Rainbow. This is an authentic chromotherapy treatment for total wellness that involves the mind as well as the body
  • Clean System. Automatically disinfects and sanitizes your whirlpool bath

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