Baron Gold Lockers
Baron Gold Lockers

Baron Gold by Boca Do Lobo

L - 540 mm x W - 310 mm x H - 250 mm
Boca Do Lobo
Wood, Brass
Victorian, Luxury

The Baron jewelry safe is designed in Neo-Victorian style and inspired by the precision craft of Swiss watchmaking. It is an exceptional piece of top-notch craftsmanship and steampunk influence, being covered by brass and stainless steel gears, screws and rivets that envelop an impenetrable certified safe, while the opening system works through an automatic engine that can be activated via remote control. The interior can be customized with accessories inserts.

Product Features:

  • Safe-box with a wooden structure, lined with polished brass. It's full of brass and stainless steel gears all aroud the outside. It's opening system works with an automatic engine that works with a remote. Interior: 8 watchwinders, 4 drawers, 2 exibhition stages upholstered in black velvet.

Arts And Techniques:

  • Casting, Upholstery, Jewellery, Eletronical engine, and Watchwinders.

Customization :

  • ?Custom sizes and color options available.