Billiard Table Par by MBM Biliardi
Billiard Table Par Outdoor Dining Tables
Billiard Table Par by MBM Biliardi
Billiard Table Par by MBM Biliardi
Billiard Table Par by MBM Biliardi

Billiard Table Par by MBM Biliardi

With Legs
Base Material:
MBM Biliardi
Top Material:

The excellent technical success of the table is the result of the careful study of MBM Biliardi which has given the Par Billiard Table a perfect game response. In fact, the table was born from the experience gained over the years which has allowed the transfer of traditional billiard technology to a new type of structure, entirely made with anodized aluminum elements and made completely removable thanks to specially designed systems.
The frame and the side panels are covered in fire-painted aluminum sheet, therefore resistant to the action of atmospheric agents and salt. Furthermore, all the materials used have the same characteristics of elasticity of the game of traditional billiard tables, with the playing surface strictly in slate.the Par Billiard Table, a billiard table that is in its indoor and outdoor version – thanks to a structure entirely made with elements in anodized aluminum and made completely removable by specially designed systems. designed – guarantees maximum performance, perfectly in line with the Kokà style and the quality of MBM Biliardi.

  • Compensation law structure: Construction of the frame and sides by gluing several wooden elements that increase the stability of the billiard over time.
  • Logs: Professional slate and bending logs.
  • Correction: Unique processing of MBM with numerical control machines. Ensures the perfect grinding of the slate surface, which is essential for high precision play.
  • Squaring: Working with our numerical control machines, which guarantee the perfect rectangle to a billiard table.
  • Customisation available.

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