Bolle Bluray Mosaic
Bolle Bluray Mosaic

Bolle Bluray by VetroVivo

Model Number:
Bolle Bluray
L - 600 mm x W - 600 mm
Vetro Vivo

All basic models are of geometrical form, particularly TONDI got a great development, they are proposed in various sizes.‎ It’s nice to project, it’s easy to play with the different shapes and colors with fantasy: many, few, irregular, horizontal, vertical and always very colored, it’s an irresistible and optimist choice.‎  The particular shapes may be freely interpreted to create always new spectacular effects on fully glass mosaics dressed walls or with precious finishing with borders or loose pieces combined with other materials, such as tiles, wood and so on.‎  Full glass exalted by a 8 mm.‎ thickness, now also available in SLIM thickness of 4 mm.‎ , natural, eco-friendly, completely recyclable, with no use limits and with timeless unalterable colors.‎  The amazing collection of Glass Geometrical Shapes.‎ Vetrovivo full Made in Italy, a real Transparent quality.‎ Vetrovivo seal certifies its authenticity.‎ Mosaics combined with glass plates.

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