Calicanto Gazebo by UNOSIDER
Calicanto Gazebo Gazebos

Calicanto Gazebo by UNOSIDER

Model Number:
calicanto gazebo
Measurements: diameter 3 meters

The Calicanto gazebo was born from the idea of ​​recovering an ancient gazebo dating back to the end of the 19th century found in a state of neglect in a botanical garden, partially destroyed by neglect and time.

This particular structure is figured in our mind to create a beautiful decorative effect in a suggestive corner of the garden, making you spontaneously grow roses or climbing plants. The emotional impact is guaranteed. The Calicanto gazebo comes out of UNOSIDER production schemes and is made in only 50 copies, all numbered and certified, because we are aware that you can't do a business with poetry. Our intention is to bring something truly beautiful, unique and typical back to life with the only satisfaction that those who come into possession of it feel the emotion we felt when we saw it.

Technical note:

  • This very particular gazebo is subjected to a natural oxidation treatment then stabilized with a fixative.

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