Capri Outdoor by MBM Biliardi

With legs
MBM Biliardi
Glossy, Matt
Wood, Aluminium

"I will tell the story of the cities I am going to visit, both from the large and the small. Most of the ones that were once great have now become small. And those that I have seen growing and becoming powerful in the course of my life, they had before very small size "(Herodotus) 
Cities have the color of the years, absorb people's thoughts, hide them in the alleys in a precise order of memories, to entrust them one day to those who know how to listen to them or to those who come back to recover their past. 

From the idea of ??a story of the cities and their chaos, disorder, art, history and complexity as a whole, the Linea City is born. A line designed for all billiard fans, citizens of the world and their wonderful wonders!The Capri billiard table is born from the experience gained over the years by MBM Biliardi which has allowed the transfer of traditional billiard technology to a new type of structure entirely made with anodized aluminum elements and completely dismantled thanks to specially designed systems.The MBM Billiard table is made with naturally seasoned woods over the years and selected by masters of high cabinetry. 

The table is constructed with compensation laws that allow the cancellation of the natural movements of the materials used, thus guaranteeing perfect stability over time. 

The billiard table is comprised of MBM professional slate and bending registers. The billiard components are processed by automated numerical control machines that ensure the perfect squaring and grinding of the game plan, giving the MBM billiards a very high quality and technology.

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