Carat Light by Billards Toulet
Carat Light Dining Tables
Carat Light by Billards Toulet
Carat Light by Billards Toulet
Carat Light by Billards Toulet

Carat Light by Billards Toulet

With Legs
Base Material:
Billards Toulet
Top Material:

You do not dream ! This exceptional billiard has been made entirely of glass.
The purest it can be allowing absolute transparency. With multiple possibilities of personalization, the Carat Light billiard table adapts to your tastes and in particular to your style of decoration.
Toulet Billiards reinvent and innovate constantly to evolve iconic games like billiards by offering furniture that fit perfectly to your decor.

Billiard Carat Light 100% design: 
A true measure of purity, the Carat Light billiard table has been designed with the purest glass and a brushed stainless steel frame, making it both transparent and solid.

Thus we observe an optical phenomenon that deflects the light beams to magnify your interior as your terrace. This billiard design and totally innovative will seduce you.

With its unique material, the Carat Light is a billiard that will easily find its place in a design interior, a modern decoration, a mix with a contemporary style or an original terrace. Indoor or outdoor, it is the essential for all your billiard games with family or friends.

A 100% modular glass billiard table:
Set up the pool of your dreams by selecting the smallest details. The color of the leather pockets (more than 100 colors), the multi-game option by adding plugs or the choice of the hue among 30 cloth colors.

Turn it into a dining room table, meeting table or office desk thanks to the glass top option. For a harmonious decoration and design, Billards Toulet thinks of everything! In addition, you can arrange your interior with custom-made chairs, benches and glass bars in keeping with the spirit of your billiards.

Available sizes: 

  • 2.10 m (7 ft) with slate thickness 22 mm
  • 2.40 m (8 ft) with slate thickness 30 mm

Choice of game modes:

??The Carat Light is currently available in English billiards (Blackball) for the 210m and in American billiards for the 240m.


  • The Carat Light pool table can be transformed into a dining table as an option. It is also possible to add a poker or ping pong board.
  • It does not have a coin mechanism.


  • Transformable into a table with a choice of full glass, full wood or glass / wood top
  • Leather pocket finish
  • Adding diodes (on mains or battery, choice of colors)

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