Divy 3d X Tens Bamboo by TENAX


Synthetic hedge with bamboo leaves on adaptable trellis

Vertical greenery is becoming more and more important in architecture as a real decorative and architectural element that can completely enhance an environment. The new Tenax DIVY 3D X-TENS synthetic hedges are the ideal solution: they are convenient and versatile extensible trellises, which can be adapted to different spaces and installed horizontally or vertically as needed.

DIVY 3D X-TENS BAMBOO, with intense green bamboo leaves, decorates and enhances walls and façades of buildings like an architectural element. Perfect also as screen or divider for separating or protecting terraces, balconies and gardens. It is natural looking and can be installed easily, so you can use it effortlessly without foregoing beauty.

The DIVY 3D X-TENS BAMBOO hedge is highly decorative and natural looking, ideal as privacy screen or for enhancing a space with an original touch. It is convenient and versatile, thus can be used in many ways:

  • As architectural element, to decorate walls and enhance outdoors
  • Perfect as screening for concealing parts of terraces, walls, or storage areas creating sophisticated and captivating scenery with a huge aesthetic impact
  • To create decorative dividers for balconies, terraces and gardens


  • Artificial hedge with bamboo leaves made of Polyethylene (PE)
  • Support made of extensible trellis made of natural willow
  • Module size: 1 x 2 m
  • UV treated


  • Very natural looking, it accurately reproduces the effect and colouration of natural hedges
  • Full and luxuriant, beautiful from any angle
  • UV resistant, it keeps its colour features over time
  • It does not need maintenance, it can be easily washed with water and lasts many seasons
  • Thanks to its extensible trellis, the hedge can be easily adapted to different spaces and installed horizontally or vertically as needed

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