Divy Laurus Net Artificial Hedge
Divy Laurus Net Artificial Hedge

Divy Laurus Net by TENAX

L - 1 / 1.50 m x H - 3 m

Hedge with laurel leaves combined with a woven net Hedge + Shading = High screening
To guarantee greater privacy, the laurel synthetic hedge is combined with a covering woven net that offers a decorative effect and protects against prying eyes. This synthetic hedge with laurel leaves has a plastic structure where the shading net and the laurel leaves are placed. The product is sold in rolls that are easy to install and is perfect for screening balconies, terraces and gardens.

The DIVY LAURUS NET shading hedge can be used in many ways: it is ideal to quickly and inexpensively decorate any corner where real greenery cannot be used due to lack of soil, light or water.

  • It is ideal for protecting from prying eyes
  • Suitable for renovating and decorating arbours and terraces
  • It is also perfect for concealing objects, parts of terraces or walls


  • Artificial hedge made of laurel leaves
  • Plastic supporting structure + shading net


  • Covering and decorative
  • Easy to install with ties or wire
  • Combined with a covering woven net
  • No maintenance required
  • It can be washed with water

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