Divy Optima Artificial Hedge
Divy Optima Artificial Hedge

Divy Optima by TENAX

L - 1 / 1.50 / 2 m x H - 3 m

Versatile synthetic hedge to screen gardens and courtyards
Used to screen gardens and courtyards, this is a synthetic hedge with thin two-colour fringes, stitched onto a plastic-coated wire base. It can be easily installed on fences and gates. The synthetic hedge with fringes has a mesh fence made of plastic-coated wire where fringes or thin threads are sewn. It is very useful to temporarily cover a fence while flowers and plants are growing. It is highly covering and it screens terraces and balconies from view.

The DIVY OPTIMA hedge can be used in many ways: it is ideal to quickly and inexpensively decorate any corner where real greenery cannot be used due to lack of soil, light or water.

  • It is ideal for renovating and decorating fences and balconies
  • Perfect for protecting from prying eyes
  • Suitable for renovating and decorating arbours and terraces
  • Suitable also for concealing objects, parts of terraces or walls


  • Artificial hedge with fringes in two shades of green
  • Plastic-coated wire support structure (100 wires in 3 m)


  • It filters the wind
  • No maintenance required
  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • Easy to install with ties or wire
  • It can be washed with water

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