Elisir Composition 78 by Chicca Orlando
Elisir Composition 78 Blinds and Curtains
Elisir Composition 78 by Chicca Orlando

Elisir Composition 78 by Chicca Orlando

Chicca Orlando
Sheer, Manual

An elaborate floral pattern, determined by soft chromatic passages, distinguish Elisir line. Elegant framings surround wide variety of stylized elements which give rise to curves, spirals, leaves and flowers, constituted by a sumptuous full stitch embroidery. A noble and precious appearance, is conferred using small Swarovski crystals with charming light effects.
The Elisire-comp 78 set is designed for interiors with large vertical windows and beautiful views from the window. Delicate draperies of decorative tulle curtains and a central panel allow you to create the most airy composition. Delicate floral curtain tie backs serve as accents.
The kit pleases not only with an exquisite picture but also with a price. Recommended for nurseries, young ladies' bedrooms, can be considered for Provence style kitchens and dining rooms.

  • Materials: silk, velor, tulle, embroidery

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