FLA 3 XL Suite Logs by Planika
FLA 3 XL Suite Logs Fireplace
FLA 3 XL Suite Logs by Planika
FLA 3 XL Suite Logs by Planika

FLA 3 XL Suite Logs by Planika

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fla 3 xl suite logs

FLA 3 XL Suite Logs is one of Planika’s most sophisticated fireplaces available on the market. There are several features that make it stand out.

Its heart, Fire Line Automatic 3, is the most advanced bio fireplace available on the market. With the patented BEV Technology™, intelligent features and remote control solutions, the user can benefit from a very efficient and safe fire.

To guarantee maximum comfort of use, we equipped the fireplace with a large external fuel tank. What it does is provide a noticeably longer burning time, compared to other standard products. You can now enjoy up to 25 hours of continuous fire.

FLA 3 XL Suite Logs is a glass enclosed fireplace, providing a very stable and safe flame. Our customers are free to choose from three different glazing options, including one, two or three-sided fire view.

The fire can be even more beautiful with our set of accessories. The burner of the closed combustion fireplace was developed in such a way as to allow for integrating it with a system of very authentic-looking decorative elements, including ceramic eco logs, black vermiculite and glowing embers.

The glass enclosed fireplace is a perfect option especially for HORECA sector where the protection against unauthorized access is crucial. FLA 3 XL Suite Logs with its powder-coated finish and decorative accessories will perfectly match any hotel or restaurant design scheme. Closed combustion fireplace will be suitable also for private use, where limited access to the furnace and a long burning time per one refilling are important. Watch the gallery below and get inspired

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