Frendy by Freixanet Wellness
Frendy Sauna Room
Frendy by Freixanet Wellness
Frendy by Freixanet Wellness
Frendy by Freixanet Wellness
Freixanet Wellness

While this is our smallest cabin, its versatility reflects its greatness. It is easy and convenient to assemble, transport and install. The FRENDY sauna is an elegant design in minimum space, perfectly finished and fitted with avant-garde technology. Designed to add a spot of relaxation to our hectic lifestyles. The outer and inner cladding is in elegant Scandinavian spruce wood. It can be customised using exterior laminates and different accessories. We offer the infrared radiation option, that provides numerous health benefits.

The sauna that fits all your spaces. If we speak about dimensions, the FRENDY sauna is our smallest cabin. Nevertheless, its versatility shows its greatness; easy to put up, comfortable to carry and install. It is the recommended saunafor those who want to save a space without renouncing to an elegant design, a perfect finishing and a state-of-art technology. It is the recommended model for the present pace of life, when there is no time and a relaxing
while is required.

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