G 0911 B by Meyi

Model Number:
g 0911 b
L - 1220 mm x W - 2440 mm x Thickness - 4, 5, 6 mm

Surface Effect: Hemp Surface
Main Material: PETG
Density: 1.27 (g/cm3)
Water Absorption Rate:0.2%
Hardness: 116 (R-scale)
Transmittance: 91%

The standard board is 1.22*2.44m and has thicknesses of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm. (Can be cut)

Application note: It
can be used as office partition, mobile/push door panel, hotel reception desk, hotel wall, lighting shape, kitchen partition, bathroom partition, lampshade panel, ceiling and so on. 
Adaptation places: hotels, clubs, large projects, and home decor. 

Product advantages:
1: The raw materials are all environmentally friendly materials, high light transmittance; meet the requirements of food contact management, the bottom is flammable, self-extinguishing, recyclable, no harmful substances after burning. 
2: Strong chemical resistance and weather resistance, UV-coated layer can be used for outdoor.
3: Strong toughness, 15-20 times stronger than General Acrylic, only 1/2 of weight, impact resistance exceeds 42 times of glass, can be used instead of glass, solves the problem that the glass is not safe enough.

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