Onda Stool by STUA
Onda Stool by STUA
Onda Stool by STUA
Onda Stool by STUA
Onda Stool by STUA

Onda Stool by STUA

Model Number:
Onda Stool
Base Material:
Black, Grey, Off White
Jesus Gasca
Chromed, Matt
Top Material:

The shapes of Onda stool seat mimic the curves of the human body as well as the undulation of a wave. Like a glove, the stool-seat hugs the contour of the user and provides a good lumbar support.The very innovative design of the seat shell, with its extra soft rubber skin, offers a great and superb comfort. Adding lightness to the stool design, the skin is slightly smaller than the shell. The combination of the shell and skin create an interesting colour and textural contrast.

The stool skin and shell are moulded simultaneously, forming a final product of two different materials, densities and colours. An overall rich and elegant proposal. Onda comes with a chromed steel frame for indoor use and a stainless steel structure for outdoor use.The stool’s four legged base, curves smoothly, offering a lightweight and stable structure.Onda looks beautiful from any angle and is brilliantly innovative with its ergonomic shape. Consistent with the rest of the STUA collection.

Onda is a refined and timeless design.

  • THE SEAT: the Onda stool has an extremely innovative seat design. The seat has been conceived to give lumbar support and hold the person while seating. That is why the shape is so rounded and that is also why it has a optional polypropylene padding.
  • NEW TRIPLE INJECTION: the seat is made with a triple injection process specially designed by Jesús Gasca and his team. The seat has a nucleus, a shell and an optional seat padding.
  • POLYPROPYLENE: the seat is completely made of Polypropylene, so it is light, can be cleaned, it is resistant to humidity and does not absorb water.

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