Outdoor Saunas Sauna Room
Outdoor Saunas Sauna Room

Outdoor Saunas by Freixanet Wellness

Freixanet Wellness
Built-in Light

Nature is a space of peace and tranquillity. We are invaded by its symphony of colours and scents. Outdoor saunas, that are in the open air, combine these feelings with the wellness experience. The ever-changing sky will awaken your senses with an array of sensations.
Using materials and finishes especially selected for outdoor use, we manufacture saunas that are highly resistant to all weather conditions. The shapes and dimensions can be adapted to a setting where the materials blend in to perfection. The main objective is finding the perfect equilibrium. Choose the best place in your garden and we will provide you with a new feeling of well-being.

  • Special equipment
    Star-studded sky
    Mild steam
    Intelligent wellness
  • Customisation available.

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