PSM 1003A 1 by Panaseima

Model Number:
psm 1003a - 1
L - 800 mm x W - 1420 mm x H - 1250 mm
Red, Off White, Brown, Black

  • Full body air bag wrapped massage, deep relief of faligue; lhree block can be adjusted zero gravity state, new space cabin experience
  • Long "SL" physiological curvature of space, from the head to the buttocks of intelligent mechanical massage hands massage, follow the human spine bending, fit, coverage area, improve the comfortable degree of depth in three dimensions; 5 active techniques: massage, acupressure and beaten and kneading and knocking, kneading. absorbing people are really massage essence, exquisite and delicate
  • Imitation real 3D massage, according to the size of intelligent detection and adjustment of massage lines, automatic detection of the height of the shoulders, the different height of the people can accurately do the waist, neck, back, buttocks lull massage, so that the body to recover the fatigue of energy
  • Butterfly clip shoulder massage, double air bag shoulder massage, relax the shoulder tension fatigue, reduction of tension reinforcement, lateral arm massage, innovative lateral arm massage, relax hand forearm muscle group
  • Hips air bag swing massage, combined with seat vibration, more comfortable
  • Smart legs massage machine, on the leg and loot for scrapping, hot compress, a thorough foot pressure kneading; Trinity activity thorough massage foot, foot relax comfortable and play for the whole to effective health care soothing effect
  • Infrared temperature hot compress, 9-14um infrared hot compress physiotherapy, promote blood circulation
  • Bluetooth music amplifier HIFI
  • Toes Kneading-Activation of terminal nerve sweep paralysis
  • Foot Scrapping-Stimulate the reflex zones through channels and collateral
  • Infrared hot compress foot side-Warm-UP and improve the blood circulation

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