Sanctuary 2 by Jacuzzi
Sanctuary 2 Sauna Room
Sanctuary 2 by Jacuzzi
Sanctuary 2 by Jacuzzi
Sanctuary 2 by Jacuzzi
Sanctuary 2 by Jacuzzi

Sanctuary 2 by Jacuzzi

L - 132 cm x W - 122 cm x H - 196 cm
LED Colorful Light

The Sanctuary 2 Infrared Sauna provides a comfortable sauna experience for two people and has been developed for installation for smaller spaces. Designed for indoor installation the cabin features finishing on 3 sides and can be installed in a corner, back to wall or in a niche installation.

The Sanctuary 2 infrared sauna delivers an intimate sauna experience whilst providing low power consumption and offers an enhanced experience with a reversible bench and lighting for both reading and creating the perfect atmosphere.

  • True Wave Heating Panels. Large sized infrared carbon/ceramic heating panels which penetrate deep into the cells improving the vasodilation for a perfect detoxifying action
  • Certified Wood. The wood we use for Sanctuary saunas is Eco FSC certified, for a responsible management of natural resources and a healthy environment.
  • Lighting. Integrated LED lighting provides illumination for reading and utilises chromotherapy to create the perfect atmosphere
  • Low Electromagnetic Waves. Low electromagnetic waves with ELF shielding for the lowest levels of ELF: a guarantee of safety for your health
  • Reservation Mode. Preset your infrared sauna to turn on up to 36 hours in advance and heat up prior to use
  • Reversible Bench. The reversible bench can be used as either a flat seating area or converted into an ergonomic seat providing a comfortable seating area

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