X10 / 2018 by Bentu
X10 / 2018 Desk Accessories
X10 / 2018 by Bentu
X10 / 2018 by Bentu
X10 / 2018 by Bentu
X10 / 2018 by Bentu
X10 / 2018 by Bentu
X10 / 2018 by Bentu

X10 / 2018 by Bentu

L - 91 mm x W - 91 mm x H - 10 mm
Wireless charger

The terrazzo wireless charger X10 uses concrete mixed recycled ceramic particles, cement product waste, quartz stone and other gravel aggregates as materials, and uses environmentally friendly recycling and natural materials to try to break through the material limitations of the electronic product industry that has long relied on plastics and other chemical materials.
The natural beauty of randomness makes each X10 unique. The natural quartz stone, marble and other gravel aggregates also inject the warmth and sensibility of natural creation into the rational and modest digital age.
In daily use, the X10 gets rid of the shackles of the charging cable and improves the experience of using electronic products. After the service life is over, the internal circuit board components can be recycled by simply smashing the terrazzo shell. X10 minimizes the use of chemical materials from the main product, auxiliary accessories, to fully recycled paper packaging, and compares the non-degradable nature of chemical materials such as plastics and the increasingly severe energy crisis and environmental pollution caused by concrete and natural stone. It can be weathered naturally in the environment, harmless and pollution-free.

  • Material: cement, concrete construction waste residue, household ceramic slag, stone scrap
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Color: white/orange/blue/green
  • Charging power: 5 / 7.5 / 10 W
  • input parameters: 5V= 2A / 9V=1.6A
  • input interface: TYPE-C
  • cable length: 950mm