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Arcedior offers made-to-measure products sourcing for clients looking for tailor-made yet feasible products for their interior design projects, whilst staying true to the original design and offering a solution that makes the product unique and ergonomically viable.

Product customization across categoreies like furniture, lighting, rugs and decor etc are limitless — creating custom products out of the catalogue and built as per your project requirement. You can specify the quantity, dimensions, colour and even textures in the design and finishes.

Let's show your how Arcedior delivered customization from an idea to implementation.

Plans are finalized and submitted for review

The first step toward customization is finalization of the 2D floorplans where architects and interior designers ensure it's got all the details. This ensures the drawings rendered in 3D are of exact match. The mood board is created first and later comes the plan.

3D renderings are developed with specifications

These 3D renderings then becomes the reference point for the customization and gives clarity in terms of size, colour, texture, finish and material. Also, at this stage, feasibility and sourcing supplier details are finalised.

Actual room with customized products installed

The above picture shows the actual room where all the custom-designed products are installed. Exact specs are shared with the supplier regarding customization — which includes the material, texture, colour and sizes with notes for best outcome. The original designer's idea has been conceived in to reality.


Choose a category to get started


To your exact specification


Delivered within your timeline

By choosing bespoke products for your project, space can be given to individuality and creativity, allowing the care of the smallest details and the perfect integration with the environment, becoming one of its integral part and ensuring the best use of space when decorating modern interiors.

It shouldn't just look custom, it should feel custom too. Whether you like a little more support, or prefer a softer upholstery, or a bedside lighting as per your mood, we have multiple options that allow you to customize for comfort.


Sofa Sections
L Shape Sofas
Sofette Sectionals
Corner Sofas
Revolving Armchairs
Lounge Chairs
Bar Chairs
Dining Chairs
Dining Chairs


Coffee Tables
Side Tables
Dining Tables
Extendable Tables


Work Desks
Writing Desks
TV Stands
Dining Tables
Coffee Tables
TV Unites


Square pillows
Storage Beds
Pyramid pillows
Bedside Tables
Bed Benches
Pyramid pillows
Pyramid pillows

Inspired by You. Your space should reflect your taste.

From your imagination to assembly, Arcedior supports all the way. You design with intention. We help you source the finest materials. You craft with precision. We help your with customization, quantity and gravity of detail. From the drafting board to the loading dock, you're in good hands.

Custom living experiences

Entering into a custom-designed space means to explore a world in which different materials fuse into unique compositions, combining the simplicity of the shapes, the richness of the materials and the finishing in a perfect game of proportions. This is the essence of custom-designed spaces: the combination of shapes, materials and solutions, giving an artistic and crafts-made style to every element, in order to obtain a surprising result.

The Arcedior difference

High Quality Control

When we say we work to a standard, we're fanatical about quality in design and customer service.

No cookie-cutter solutions

The custom designs we offer are unique to you project and your style.

In-house expert product team

We leverage technical know-how to give you a better pricing system for customization.

Easy delivery and installation

Our well-trained experts will deliver products to your doorstep and even have them installed.

After-sales support

All the products that are sourced are backed by after-sales support and maintenance.

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Projects by Arcedior

Customization is the key of a modern interior project - they are designed to meet an essential need of architects and interior designers: having available customizations that adapt by the millimetre to the architectural space in which they are introduced. In this way, public and private spaces find a perfect furnishing that completes and decorates the space preserving exact proportions and a surprising consistency in design and finishes. Hence the bespoke products seek uniqueness and perfection to bring a sophisticated and precious atmosphere into being in which the balance between furniture and space never fails.

Hotel Verde - Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Taj Skyline - Ahmedabad, India

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The Grand Bhagwati - Surat, India

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