al2 is a design brand, which was born in 2013 with the mission of rethinking furniture production and restudying the use of it. A team of optimistic people full of enthusiasm, decided to create a new brand capable of offering the world, unique and high-standard furniture.
A remarkable and certified production with over 50 years of history, combined with awarded designers and the contribution of experienced executives with strong perception on the fields of international markets, marketing and communication, compose the form of al2. The brand felt the need to rethink the materials, the level of safety that is applied, wear out their capabilities and improve their environmental viability.
Creation, innovation and authenticity are the three main pillars of al2 that are reflected across its items and philosophy. Design for al2 is not just the production of a beautiful item but is also a targeted research and the everyday expressions of feeling and passion. These are the symptoms of an artistic concern that keeps al2 in touch with the world of creation. Every contact with the world of design contributes to the maturation of a personal critic opinion and eventually adds to the effort for a better life quality.


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