Cag Mobilya


Two entrepreneurs with a long experience in the furniture industry joined forces and founded Cag Furniture Ltd. in 2001. Sti was established.

Cag Furniture meticulously chooses the materials used in its products designed with contemporary designs.

The wooden parts used in the products are made from carefully selected hornbeam trees in the Eastern Black Sea region at a humidity level in accordance with international norms. The tree is monitored at every stage from the cutting to the finished state. Cag Furniture uses anti-allergic non-toxic materials in all its products and does not use raw materials that will produce pests such as cotton and tow. In our products, velvet and chenille fabrics are preferred in our latest products that are up-to-date in the textile industry.

Cag's seating groups designed in different models according to their intended use; are sent all over the country. Which is creating a nationwide dealer network, has taken its place in the market in many countries of the world. It continues to work to enter new country markets.

Cag's products, which are produced in different colors and patterns of our company; With the work of our R&D department, the number of models is increasing day by day. Cag's products are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects. We started the best Era…