Born in Portugal, Dooq is a design company dedicated to celebrate the luxury of living. Creating designs that stimulate the senses, whose conceptual approach is inspired on the unexpected meeting of opposite things.
Our studio focuses on an extensive research of details together with a vast iconographic research around art and design, creating an ever-evolving language that emphasises first the small things.
We seek to find balance in things that are contrasting, creating pieces where feminine meets masculine, small meets large, soft meets solid and past meets the present allowing the new to blossom. 
Sensual materials like velvet, trimmings, straw and glass are combined with harder materials such as copper, marble, brass and wood to achieve the duality in our studio's distinctive pieces. 
Using the technological expertise of a country leader in craftmanship in combination with the creativity of great designers, helps creating pieces with an uncensored aesthetic where each piece has its own reason of existing.
Dooq is pursuing elegance with audacity and devotion, crossing the boundaries between art and design.

All our products are made in Portugal. Our country, amongst other things, is well known for its quality and tradition in craftsmanship. We source raw materials, components and knowledge locally as frequently as possible. A small portion of our materials are sourced internationally with the same quality standards in mind.


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