Imagine a seamless zone in your personal space. It is poetry in sanitary ware. Smooth to touch and to operate: For the very first time ever, One Piece Combined WC sanitary products are being manufactured in the country. Eros has played a pioneering role in the manufacture of this huge range of One Piece Combined WC sanitary products. The product range that offers you plenty of choices is designed to perfection with the guarantee of grabbing your attention and leaving you with that feel of contentment.
The innovation and beauty of the product will make your bathroom into your most-preferred comfort zone. For Eros, which has its roots in Morbi, Gujarat, year 2008 proved to be a threshold. The company and its huge range of products achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification - a truly proud moment for the company.
Multi-talented facets of Eros have flowered into a huge range of colours and styles in the seamless bath suite model. Remarkable is a word that can be easily associated with Eros products. Eros sanitary ware inherits its Italian looks with panache and rare brilliant whiteness. The company has gone beyond style and has actually thought about how to make it easy for you to maintain your bath suite in its pristine glory. Eros products come with a unique coating that prevents stubborn hard water or salt water stains from forming. Not only this makes it easy to maintain and clean, it also saves water.
Water conservation is synonymous with this range of Eros products. The company's well-endowed R&D department has come up with the novel concept of dual flushing. Water conservation is now a necessity world over and the dual flush mode of Eros is a big step in that direction.
Quality, style and practicality are three aspects that can be found in a unique combination in this wide product range. All thanks to our in-house experts of the R&D and Quality Control departments. Armed with flawless products the company has stepped into the global arena in style. Eros products are exported to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Tanzania, Qatar, South America, East Europe, etc. Today, it has its own place in the global market, offering a large variety of products that have found favors with consumers from all walks of life.

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