The Fratelli Fratantoni Company was founded in 1935 by Pietro, Saro, Edoardo and Nino, sons of Don Filippo Fratantoni, also an old ceramic man like so many in Santo Stefano. 
In the early years, the brothers dedicated themselves to the manual production of earthenware objects shaped on the lathe, to which they immediately joined the mechanics of traditional vases for nursery use. 
Subsequently, the Edoardo and Nino brothers complete the production with decorated ceramics, becoming in a short time one of the most important companies in the Sicilian ceramic sector.
In the '70s they successfully tested and patented, first in Italy, the application of enamel and decoration to the Etna lava basalt slabs and resumed the production of typical majolica tiles once pride and pride of the ancient tradition of stefano. 
Today Ceramiche Fratantoni is a leading company in the ceramic sector for quality and experimentation with new technologies including computerized screen printing. 
Its most exclusive production, however, remains that of lava floors and traditional handmade tiles.


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