“HOSTARKO” was found in 2006, which is located in the point of the world’s largest, most professional, most complete hotel supplies wholesale—Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City. We are now a large-scale comprehensive company with the combination of design, production, development and marketing as one whole thing.
Our company bases on reputation first, customer-centric and win the market with quality. After a few years of fighting, we have already developed our own  “HOSTARKO” as “High-end International Hotel” brand , and to be in leading position even has become an international brand in the oversea hotel trade.
We hereby sincerely welcome stars hotel, distributor, property hall, airport, metro, plaza, hospital and school to visit, guide and cooperate with us. We are very grateful that the clients from all over the world rely us and let’s continue as before, hand in hand to create the glory by cooperation.

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