Born from the desire to pursue the luxury market, Mapswonders is a family owned company founded by two siblings, Vasco Pintado and Maria Pintado whose heritage has a very important role. Having grown surrounded by their mother’s interior designs and their parents’ antiques business, starting from an early age, brother and sister were passed on the passion for the history and art of furniture. Indeed, the brand reflects the siblings’ childhood and their life experiences as the main inspiration for the designs. Undeniably, Vasco and Maria’s heritage from their earliest memories and their travels led to a growing passion for the classic, deco and mid-century French styles that are the base for the majority of Mapswonders designs.

Aiming to achieve both timeless and classic styles, the brand specialises in luxury furniture that is anchored by the quality of materials and the craftsmanship of talented European artisans. Those artists use their knowledge from years of experience to combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological method. Truly, each individual piece is crafted by hand and meticulously finished to ensure the best quality standards. The emphasis on the creative side and on the construction process, have been key to create unique pieces with an unexpected touch.

Based in Porto, the brand benefits from the historical and welcoming feels of the city. Furthermore, the siblings want to take those values across borders in order to maintain and expand their global reputation, in both European and US markets. Vasco and Maria’s ambitious ideas and entrepreneurial spirit have made Mapswonders an established name in the luxury market, designing and manufacturing a wide range of lighting and furniture.


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