The Mezzo Collection is inspired in the 50s and 60s intending to raise vintage standards with a tenuous line between aesthetics and quality of each product. The brand guides design enthusiasts to create ambiances with a unique design, reviving the golden age. Providing signature pieces, Mezzo Collection will take you back on a journey to the glamorous mid-century generation Vision: Being a brand that harmoniously blends the past with the present, Mezzo Collection wants to be recognized through its unique design. With a pretense of being the designers first choice, Mezzo is a brand that fuses modernity with a vintage touch resulting in a modern signature. Our goal is to be a reference in the design world having our iconic pieces in the most remarkable projects. Mission: Mezzo Collection aims to create a design that combines the contemporary with the retro style of the 50s and 60s leading the design lovers to the best of the golden years. Inspired by the mid-century age, Mezzo Collection wants to relive the past defining and creating new trends.

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