Modenese Gastone


Modenese Gastone is deservedly considered a world famous brand of luxury Italian furniture and accessories. We are proud to admit that today the exclusive interiors by Modenese Gastone can be seen all over the world: from private villas of Arabic sheikhs and offices of Russian politics to European opera theatres and Luxury resorts in United Arab Emirates. 

In 2009 the artistic and traditional manufacturing of Modenese Gastone has been officially recognized by a special certification granted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Modenese Gastone produces exclusive furniture that is entirely handmade. However besides the artistic value another feature of our product that we take a serious care of is its high quality.

That’s why we have an efficient control system for each stage of the production. Its goal is to make each item perfect and make our furniture not only be recognized as a valuable artwork but also serve for its direct purpose for many years.

The quality of our furniture and the satisfaction of our clients are the keys to our success!


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