Original Marrakech


In 2010, Pierre Challimand works with Nicolas Nancy at the Spice Terrace. He learns that a shop is released in the souk Chérifia just below. He decides to rent it before even knowing what he will do there! And slowly the idea began to germinate ... In Saint-Malo, which they are from, not a single tourist leaves without the famous Breton bowl with his name as a souvenir. Pierre and Jessica look for an emblematic product from Morocco that they can customize. The baskets and straw hats, initially used in the countryside by the peasants, impose themselves on them ... 

In April 2010, they embark on this bold gamble and open their shop on the ground floor of the souk, not without "amusing" the gallery: at the beginning nobody believes it. "I am often mistaken for a crazy person"  Pierre laughs, confessing  "to have an idea every thirty seconds on average" . Their products are first present at La Terrasse des épices and in riads, then in France in guest houses. They are very quickly approached by Babbler, a kind of facebook journalists / creators, who offers them a participation on It's the boost, the journalists of the capital are conquered and let it know. From there, everything is linked, as naturally, and the couple follows the movement, always humble, always surprised by this unexpected success. First of all, Bon Marché, the famous Parisian luxury department store, sets up an Original Marrakech corner where Jessica spends whole days embroidering hats, baskets and baskets for hundreds of delighted customers. This first participation scheduled for two weeks finally lasts six months, with a presence in the window for two months. This is the consecration for these two passionate! 

In 2016, the couple emigrates for two weeks of madness in Tokyo, in a store in the top luxury district of the capital. The experience is surreal: they are treated like stars, they are photographed with fans, see the customers land in Ferrari and park in front of the shop, people queuing with tickets ... They leave exhausted, but conquered ... 

In short the products hit the mark, the brand is present in France, and also in Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States ... but no question of losing the pedals: Pierre and Jessica insist on maintaining an irreproachable quality and workshops to human size, even refusing unrealizable orders.  "Before being a business, it's a pleasure and a passion" , they say,  "we lived hours of trial and error, overflowing with wool and baskets all over the house" .

And with the arrival of baby Louise last November - a beautiful little girl who has obviously inherited the enthusiasm and good humor of her parents - the inspiration is redoubled, new ideas come out. And the baskets and hats Original Marrakech, for sure, will continue parading on beaches, pools, sidewalks, blogs and social networks around the world! 

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