Palmira is a brand which belongs to Vergés Group
Palmira has been one of the leading manufacturers used by architects and interior designers in search of furniture collections for restaurants, hotels and other stylish public spaces.

Its success lies in its wide range of products that satisfy the twin demands of professionals – functionality and design. However, even more, Palmira stands out as a company that is willing to adapt to any project and will provide integrated solutions, either with a new exclusive design or with a personalized version of a catalogue product.

We love desing. We have evolved towards the creation of more personalized projects

Its excellent customer service is another of the characteristics of Palmira since the company fully believes that its service does not end with the delivery of the product. Palmira believes in its obligation to continue providing high-quality post-sales service, to fulfil delivery dates and to offer clients a full five-year guarantee.

This relationship with the client is based on efficient personal and technical assistance that has enabled Palmira to work in close collaboration with well-known designers, European interior-design schools, professional associations, and foreign suppliers and distributors. Palmira operates throughout Spain and France and is currently in the process of expanding further into the international market.


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