Sitis Ofis has been a part of office furniture sector for more than 40 years. With is trial and fund of knowledge at this sector, Sitis Ofis has been designing time defying products owing to its talented and experienced design crew for satisfying changing demands. These regard fully designed products are produced by high technology machines which are imported from Europe associated with proficient production crew. Sitis Ofis, that has combined its leading existence with dynamism, cooperates project companies and outstanding office furniture retailers thanks to its widespread dealer network in Turkey and abroad. Here is the Story of Sitis Ofis; When our founder, Sabri Col, went to Germany for work, he observed that functionally organized office furniture had an impact on the employees and he he returned to Turkey to actuate his observations.Mehmet Col, son of our founder Sabri Col, has had sector experience from his father since he was a small age. Thanks to the knowledge and experience he learned in this period, he started to have authority within the company. He kept pace to developing technology and took the first steps for industrialization. 1998, company started the journey of institutionalization and growing rapidly with solutions to maximize efficiency in working life. Our company be named Sitis Ofis as a result of the competition in Turkey and began to be spoken frequently in the industry. Sitis Ofis, kept pace with the globalizing world and its innovations and started production with expert staff in the his factory which has the latest technology machinery park imported from Europe. Our company has increased its awareness and trade volume day by day and realized the first international trade move in order to serve internationally. Has started to export to many countries of Europe and Middle East.


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