Founded in 2003, Socolife  Furniture  is a furniture enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales.We adhere to the design philosophy of “Design is derived from life and above life”, and we always believe that design lies in creation and innovation.The realization of design must rely on reality. Design comes from life, and the quality of detail is achieved!
We pay attention to every production process and strive to combine the product curve with the human body.Describe the minimalist style to the extreme. At the same time, pursue the space atmosphere and focus on the modern living room.Let each space have a unique design concept, and create the original designer brand as the primary goal.Its existing "Sco furniture, Si Gao Rui Bo" two private brands.
We are based on “Original Design, EU Export, High-end Customization, Whole House Design ”.Leading the trend of fashion living in China and even the world, let every consumer use Sco furniture -More fashionable and happier! Advocating the philosophy of life of " life, happiness, home ".

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