Square In Circle


Square In Circle is a London-based design studio founded in 2019. The studio explores lighting design in minimal, geometric forms inspired by the Modernist Era. Materials such as marble, metal and glass combine to make each sculptural piece a 'total and complete work of art', as in the manner of Gesamtkunstwerk. The designs are full of clean, pure forms yet designed and developed to combine simple shapes in unorthodox and intriguing ways. Our lights are innovative in their originality; both evocative and functional. Each piece is made using the highest standard of materials with an outstanding degree of craftsmanship. Our Creative Director expresses exceptional sensitivity, drawing from influences across theatre, fashion, music and art movements to realise her very Bauhaus vision.

Square In Circle Studio has a wide range of expertise working with a variety of bespoke products for both residential and commercial interiors. Our previous experiences ranges across both national and international projects, demonstrating our forward-thinking approach to the global marketplace. As bespoke pieces are our primary focus and source of business, we are fluid and flexible in relation to design, size, technical capabilities and the finishes of our products. We are confident enhancing any schematics by taking a client's vision and working with interior designers and architects to bring it to life. Attention to detail is valued above all else and we take immense pride in collaborating with our clients to craft innovative, exciting pieces that speak for themselves and subtly rework the ambience of a room.

Our carefully structured process involves setting up an initial meeting to generate ideas. We then produce accurate 3D models of certain designs to give the customer a look and feel for the physical object. Alongside our models, we provide working drawings. We would also like to point out that there is no minimum quantity for our bespoke orders, and we are happy to adapt designs further down the line if required. Please feel free to email us if you wish to discuss bespoke projects.


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