AFROMINIMA meaning "afrocentric minimalism" is a design and lifestyle movement inspired by the Japanese Minimalism aesthetic and the Scandinavian Functional style combined with our strong African Heritage, we created an ethos, a design language, a philosophy, a style and a movement that connects our past, present and future, over the years culture has played a vital role in art and design. The African Identity has evolved and we are contributing to an existing artistic movement that it connecting the continent's history with its potential through the grit, determination, perseverance and intuition. At AFROMINIMA we create work that is distinctively uncomplicated yet conceptually complex.

Design has the power to build, to express, to solve problems, to enhance our culture, to create change and challenge the status quo, DESIGN IS POWER! 

 "LESS IS AFRO" is our motto and AFROMINIMA can also be defined by the perfect equilibrium of colors, functionality, edginess and use of raw materials, its aesthetics ethos tends to a delicate approach to minimalism, in an effort to reduce the object to its necessary elements by stripping down the material to its essential quality, it achieves beautiful simplicity. A modern language that expresses our Neo African narrative and culture.

AFROMINIMA can be expressed in different mediums from fashion, art, interior design, product design, furniture design, illustrations, photography, food and literature, its a language that can be spoken creatively through social consciousness. We believe in the future of this great African continent. AFRICA IS THE FUTURE.
Finally AFROMINIMA is a movement, a philosophy, a creative ethos, a design language which combines the true essence of Africa and minimalism, capturing our beautiful continent rich in culture and heritage.

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