For more than 15 years, WAGNER has been involved in scientific research in the field of production. Focus here is not only to be technically up to date at all times, but also to achieve a permanent improvement in the working conditions for the employees.  Since November 2016, the company has been working in the scientific project consortium "STEPS" to integrate the latest Industry 4.0 technologies into production. This has now been achieved! 

Within just 12 months, it was probably the first real-time-controlled production line for high-quality seating in Europe, supported, among other things, by autonomously navigating small robotic vehicles. The line went into operation at the end of 2017 and has been running smoothly ever since. With the introduction of "Industry 4.0", the first steps into the future have been taken. Of course it will not stay that way. In addition to the ongoing development of these elements, our team is already working on the transfer of digital techniques to all production areas.

Robotic vehicles, so-called AGV's (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) take over parts of the internal transport and production logistics. They move completely autonomously, communicate via WLAN and are capable of learning. Our visitors also welcome you via their language module. Distribution of all stationary work orders paperless from a control room computer. No intermediate bookings. Feedback of the assembly sites in real time at the touch of a button or scan.


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