Historical company in the furniture market since 1967, Zanaboni has devoted itself to the re-edition of classical living room furniture, as well as contemporary furniture, characterized by a unique and recognizable style that has made of the top-notch quality its main communicative value. Zanaboni’sproduction process combines quality and precision of execution, a meticulous work closely linked to the tradition, but always open to innovation and experimentation, values that makes the Zanaboni’s collections unique and exclusive. Living rooms, beds and furniture designed for large spaces and exclusive properties, suitable to enhance the shapes, volumes and precious details of the Zanaboni’s items. A house furnished with Zanaboni’s designs becomes dream, poetry, a mix of refinement and seduction: evocative styles are combined in order to obtain an overall result of beauty with a unique, exclusive personality. A home as a stage, with a decisive vocation to a reassuring classicism, the same that has always distinguished Zanaboni's collections, which consists of neoclassical grand pieces enhanced and renewed by a fresh international touch.

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