Do you know that with the average global life expectancy of 75 years, the simple routine of sitting actually takes up one-third to half of our lifetime? Given the vast amount of time and significance we place on sitting, ZUO ZUO takes it as our own mission to offer a new world of quality seating products and enjoyable sitting experience for all ages and purposes – and we believe the solution is in our process of sitting.

The Chinese pinyin ZUO ZUO, literally translates “Zitting and Seating” in English and short for “ZNS”. The two identical transliterations ZUO (Zitting) and ZUO (Seating), one dynamic and one static, allude to the recurrent life cycle of work and rest; busyness and leisure. The brand name highlights our dedication to the sitting posture, whichis not only the miniature of our state of living, but also the reflection of different life philosophies. Sitting is at once an act in situ and in transition: to be seated, yet still moving along the current of time and life. It is essentially a cultural experience of how we ease ourselves into different environments; a lifestyle of how we perceive the world and interact with our surroundings.

Underlying ZUO ZUO’s products is a philosophy of placidity. A chair is not just a piece of dead furniture, with a clear focus on people and pleasure, we provide physical comfort as well as inner peace. It is also our calling, to provide a platform to focus on professional sitting knowledge dissemination, performance and personality, along with the ability to achieve sustainability.


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