Adora Plus Mattresses
Adora Plus Mattresses

Adora Plus by Armis Bedding

Armis Bedding
Pocket Spring, Knitted, Orthopedic, Double Sided Use
Cover Material:
Knitted fabric
Filler Material:
Single, King size, Queen size

With its different design, you can keep your comfort to the highest level with the Pocket spring system. Near it with being spine-friendly, it also saves extra space in your living space with its extra storage space.
Fabric and Quilt Style: Special touch knitted fabric and soft quilting structure with the highest level of air condition prevents the sweating and provides you a comfortable sleep…
Non stop Sleep Comfort: Pocket springs take attention as the best product to keep the body in a correct position during sleep. It invites you to a unique sleeping world with its perfect comfort with a feeling of flexibility.
Double Sided Use Advantage: It is a different product with its special knitted fabric , stylish quilting and double side usage…

  • ?Dimensions: 90x190; 90x200; 100x200; 120x200; 140x190; 150x200; 160x200;  180x200; 200x200.
  • Mattress Height: 28
  • Softness Degree: Medium
  • Air Capsule
  • Color option available

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