Aleph by StoneLab Design
Aleph Table Lamps
Aleph by StoneLab Design
Aleph by StoneLab Design
Aleph by StoneLab Design
L - 250 mm x W - 70 mm x H - 250 mm
StoneLab Design
White, Brown
Light Source:

Aleph is a line of two table lamps, designed by designer Dario Martinelli. The double value of the stone is the inspiration that gave life to this project: on one side the marble body of the lamp, whose monolithic forms want to emphasize the hardness of the stone; on the other the lampshade in onyx, whose extreme subtlety allows the light to filter undisturbed, showing with its translucency the most unusual and less known aspect of the stone. The sign, clean and elegant, gives these lamps a dimension out of time, untying them from the constraints of modern fashions and making them ever present and contemporary objects.

  • Available in Graphite, Arasbecato Marble.
  • The colors and the veins of the materials are purely indicative. The differences in color, the more or less marked veins of these splendid marbles and natural stones, make all our products absolutely unique and unrepeatable.
  • All our products are handmade, made individually starting from selected natural stone blocks.
  • Available in two sizes and in different materials. 
  • Source: 220 V LED G9 LAMP

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