Christin by Oppein
Christin by Oppein
Christin by Oppein
Christin by Oppein

Christin by Oppein

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Melamine, Quartz Stone, Particle Board

The primary color of the wood grain makes it look more natural and organic. By illustrating the essential traits of kitchen cabinets based on comparative aesthetics theory, it is amied to create a life style that fits modern young people. Classic U-shaped  layout, clear divisions of storage space and streamlined operation areas perfectly embody its five major functional systems.

This is an open kitchen cabinet design in wood grain finish, which enables people to feel relaxed and back to nature.

The highlight is the use of the black metallic elements like the metallic frame glass doors, the open wall cabinets racks, as well as the hanging shelves right over the island cabinets, making the whole design more stylish.

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