Whitelight by Billards Toulet
Whitelight Dining Tables
Whitelight by Billards Toulet
Whitelight by Billards Toulet
Whitelight by Billards Toulet
Whitelight by Billards Toulet

Whitelight by Billards Toulet

Billards Toulet

An unusual design.

The Whitelight outdoor pool table is for design lovers. When the sunny days are there, enjoy outdoor pool games.

Its harmonious and contemporary lines will blend perfectly on a chic and design terrace.

100% customizable and decorative:
Because the pleasure of playing billiards should not be limited to an indoor practice, Billards Toulet also offer customizable outdoor models. You can choose the color of the carpet designed specifically for outdoor use (water-repellent and anti-UV). The choice is yours: petrol blue, anthracite gray, old pink or even ecru.

Personalization continues with the choice of color for the structure of your Whitelight outdoor pool table. Give free rein to your desires thanks to a palette of colors according to your desires and your creativity.

The outdoor version of the Whitelight billiards:
This high-end pool table is naturally intended for outdoor use. The 240+ Whitelight is made of fiber polyester resin. Resin is a material that withstands outdoor exposure perfectly. The low base is weighted and includes 4 leveling cylinders. The paint is in automobile bodywork, choice of lacquer or mat finish. The chassis is 80mm steel and is galvanized in an outdoor version. The 240 mono 22mm slate is bolted to the chassis. The Simonis carpet is specially treated for outdoor billiards with water-repellent and anti-UV. The frame of solid teak strips is the same color as the billiard or biton of choice.

The ball receptacles are anti-rust treated and decorated with special outdoor carpet. The receptacle systems are drilled to allow water to flow out and the hardware is made of stainless steel. The Whitelight billiard table is delivered with a moisture protection canvas and graphite cues with plastic ferrules.

100% modular billiard table:
Add a tray to transform your pool table into a dining table. A friendly and easy-to-use alternative for all your moments with family or friends.

100% relaxation:
Whether you like billiards for its decorative or fun side, for its friendly or competitive spirit: it unites around the same passion, that of the game! American billiards is played with family, friends and guarantees long hours of fun and convivial moments.

Available sizes:
The Whitelight billiard is available in 2.40 m (8 ft) with a slate thickness 30mm thick.

Choice of game modes:
Currently, the Whitelight is proposed in American billiards or mixed by plugs.


  • The Whitelight billiards can be transformed into a dining table as an option. It is also possible to add a poker or ping pong board.
  • It does not have a coin mechanism.


  • Multi-games by plugs
  • Transformable into a table with a choice of full glass, full wood or glass / wood top
  • Leather pocket finish

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