Infrared Cabins Sauna Room
Infrared Cabins Sauna Room

Infrared Cabins by Freixanet Wellness

Freixanet Wellness

The gentle therapy of wellness.Infrared cabins provide our health with many different benefits: reinforcing immune and cardiovascular systems, improving blood flow, relaxing muscle tension and reducing stress and fatigue. Their temperature is milder and they are ideal for people who practice sports or those undergoing therapeutic treatments.The surface heating system is fitted directly into the walls, hence the heat is distributed evenly among the users. The source of radiation is hidden within the wood.Infrared cabins can be an alternative or a complement to traditional saunas. If you don't want to do without a traditional sauna, you can equip it with infrared thermal technology and enjoy both systems in a single piece of equipment. This is the perfect combination for relaxing your muscles after training.

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