SM02 Evolution by Planium
SM02 Evolution Metal Flooring
SM02 Evolution by Planium
SM02 Evolution by Planium
SM02 Evolution by Planium
SM02 Evolution by Planium
SM02 Evolution by Planium

SM02 Evolution by Planium

Model Number:
sm02 evolution
Metal, Rubber
Indoor, Floor

SM02 Evolution Floor is technology and exclusivity. It offers metal finishes, resistant, durable, characterizing and reversible, with mechanical hooking, respecting the environment.

SM02 Evolution is a technical floor with a dry laying system. This is done by means of a support and mechanical coupling between tile and tile. The angular screw coupling system ensures that the installation is simple, fast and effective, as well as reversible if necessary.
The technical detail of the visible screw characterizes the design of the metal finishes, modern and recyclable, proposed in different shades and textures. The tiles have a minimal thickness, they can be laid quickly, reducing labor costs, and they can be walked on immediately. They can be placed on screed or on old floors that you wish to cover and preserve, avoiding the inconveniences and costs of demolition and disposal.
Floor with metal finishes and fast mechanical installation on:
• screed;
• another floor you wish to cover;
• floating technical floor.
The mechanical coupling is not invasive for the subfloor: in fact, it is only fixed to the back of the tiles. The corner screws, technical and aesthetic detail of the system, guarantee a 
reversible installation.

You can choose different finishes in natural or textured metal among:
• stainless steels (various textures);
• calamine steel;
• oxidized, brushed steel;
• stainless concrete.

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